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Costuming - More Productive Than Drugs, But Just As Expensive (Excerpt)


"Wearing costumes at a science-fiction convention. Isn't that sort of... childish?"


Childish. Interesting choice of words, that. Let me tell you a little bit about my childhood.


When I was of an age to play make-believe, the playground game-of-choice was Star Wars. It wasn't the greatest game, if you were a girl, as the girls were generally stuck with arguing about who got to be Princess Leia, or else relegated to the nameless ranks of the stormtroopers.


I thought Princess Leia was a bit soppy - an unpopular opinion - and so I learned how to make laser-gun noises with the rest of the gang. There weren't any alternatives. If you were a girl, you were the princess, or a stormtrooper, because that was all a girl was allowed by her peers to be. The 1970s schoolyard: bastion of conservative thought.


But then I suggested that we play my favorite show: Doctor Who. Brilliant!


The was some resistance, first - despite the occasional presence of laser guns and an absolute plethora of strange planets in need of exploration. But I got the girls on my side. Why be a stormtrooper or some silly princess in need of rescue when you could be a journalist, or a knife-wielding savage or even a Time Lord? That got my friends' attention - some of them were particularly keen on playing Leela, now that I remember it...


The playground became the boundless realm of all of time and space. Wrongs were righted, shattered histories restored and surprisingly intense debates about just how Daleks could conquer the universe when they couldn't tackle a set of stairs occurred.  Sure, the boys claimed the role of the Doctor but the girls picked him. After all, we weren't going to run around time and space with a wally, were we? Of course not. Instead of re-enacting stories we'd seen on television, we made our own.


Fun abounded until the release of The Return of the Jedi and I knew I was beaten. My pals didn't see much contest between Nyssa with her unfortunate tulle skirts and Princess Leia in a metal bikini - even if Leia, once again, had to be rescued by the boys.




If you would like to read the rest - and a whole bunch of other lovely essays by female Whovians, buy the book!